A month or two ago I loaned my Josh Wink HereHear CD to my girlfriend, as part of her ongoing education in electronic dance music. She still lives with her mom, and since the only worthwhile stereo system in their house is the one they share in the living room, she played it on that. Her mother, who is a third grade teacher, heard it and asked if she could borrow it for her students. They spend forty-five minutes or so a day doing independent work/play, and she often plays music for them to listen to, usually of the classical or folk variety.

At any rate, from the description I heard, the kids went totally nuts for it. Nodding heads, bouncing off the walls, they really, really liked the sounds on the CD. And it isn't easy listening, either; most of it is intelligent, experimental, tweaky acid techno and house. It's music that's so unusual that many adults wouldn't enjoy it, and underground enough that the third graders had surely never heard it before. But they still loved it. My girlfriend's mother says they dig Moby, too.

It's enough to give this raver a ray of hope for the future through the bleak haze of boy bands and MTV.

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