The final day of classes before the national turkey freakout break. No one seems capable of taking anything seriously today which I'm completely appreciative of. I had such a hard time getting to school today that the idea of actually doing anything once I got here seemed like adding insult to injury. I had a horrible vision of myself as O.J. Simpson running through some anonymous airport. I was only trying to make it to philosophy class, though.

Last night I had a confrontation with my roommate about standards of cleanliness. I am a total anal retentive when it comes to keeping the common space of the house clean. My roomate thinks that I should clean my room before I bitch about anything. My problem this time was an issue of her avoiding doing anything with her dirty dishes to the degree where I wonder if she is a conscientious objector. So...

Dirty Dish Theory

Part of the above list is on the fridge. I'm curious what the reaction will be since my roommate and I won't be home at the same time for something like a week. The apartment that I live in is three floors so the worst situation might be hanging out in my room a little more. My capacity for creating flamebait in the real world does not cease to amaze me.

Ah well, domestic situations aside, it is time to go to history class for the sole purpose of handing in a paper. If I could stick to any sort of deadline I would still be asleep. My faith in the idea that simply adding more coffee to any situation will fix it (or at least make it happen faster) is bogus.