Hello, what's this? A nodeshell with an interesting title? How unusual!

However, it just so happens that I have some very strong feelings regarding Creamy Goodness. Of all my political and societal views, my absolute and unadulterated support for Creamy Goodness is among my most passionate. I respectfully submit the following simple ways you too can do your part to help spread the word about this issue.

One scoopful of coffee (or vanilla, or chocolate...) ice cream added to your morning coffee yields several degrees of Creamy Goodness.

Substituting heavy cream for half the milk called for in the directions on a box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese will bring Creamy Goodness right to your dinnertable. (Don't worry, it only ends up being a tablespoon or two.)

My extremely fit, hard-bodied younger sister swears that mixing Slim-Fast powder with (you guessed it!) heavy cream instead of skim milk gives her boundless energy and a general sense of well-being.

Dunkin Donuts Boston Creme pastries contain so much Creamy Goodness it's been known to bring tears of joy to the eyes of the beholder.

A generous handful of miniature marshmallows allowed to melt over the top of your Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa (with mini-marshmallows already included, of course, why would anyone get the mallow-free kind?!) will mutiply the Creamy Goodness factor therein by a factor of at least 9.

Real whipped cream, rather than that synthetic squirty kind, on top of your cappucino is a fine method of spreading Creamy Goodness as well.


From the South Park episode "Summer Sucks":

Newscaster: Well, the 4th of July is finally here, and with the statewide ban on fireworks, people from all over Colorado are flocking to South Park. Here with a special report is a normal-looking guy with a funny name.

(Reporter seen; the name shown for him on the screen is "Creamy Goodness")

Creamy: Thanks, Tom, looks like the firework ban won't be putting a damper on one town's festivities tonight...

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