Today has been a good day even if I'm only on something like the fifth hour of it. Only one class on Friday which is already finished. Yoon has another of those sleep over teacher workshop things this weekend so I have what seems like an unlimited amount of time to write a couple of papers and do a quick review of philosophy stuff. After realizing that I'm missing a lot of the content of the philosophers that we're covering in that class I've started reading the primary sources and I am continually amazed at the wit and sarcasm of Socrates. Maybe my categorization of philosophy as fodder for liberal arts feebs was a little hasty. My apologies to the canon.

In my African-American Studies class we spent some time talking about an idea very near and dear to me. The discussion had to do with the value (however relative that may be) of historical fiction for interesting and involving people in the study of history. I've been told several times that I should just teach history because I am so passionate about people seeing connection between the past and present. Anyhow, what disappointed me was the total ignorance of other students about the church bombing in Birmingham. It wasn't the lack of knowledge about that specific event as much as the lack of knowledge that bombings were a common occurrence in the South during the 1960's. This is motivation.

I think there is some reluctance on my part to pursue teaching. Outside of the stigma of following in my girlfriend's footsteps (note to the perpetually angry: former statement is sarcasm) I'm more than a little jaded about the general apathy about history. I fully realize that one of the duties of a good teacher is to overcome those blocks but I wonder if it would not just frustrate and burn me out. I question whether being passionate about something makes you a good candidate for teaching about it. I am a wuss. I am impatient. I might damage your kids more than they have already been damaged.

Ok. It is happy weekend time. I am hell bent on finishing up the book on the history of philosophy I'm reading. This will require concentration and possibly crab cakes.