Uneasy listening (and sometimes simply unlistenable) British electronic group, formed in 1980 by William Bennett. Somewhat infamous, especially for their graphic lyrics which aren't altogether recommended for those of weak stomach. Misogynist? Fascist? They say not. You may well think otherwise.

The genre that Whitehouse fall into is predominantly known as "power electronics", which artists such as Merzbow are frequently boxed into. They have also collaborated with Nurse With Wound, on the slightly legendary "The 150 Murderous Passions".

Of interest if pink noise and distorted squealing is your cup of tea. As well it should be. Who said electronic music has no heart?

Album Discography (official releases, through 2001):

  • Birthdeath Experience (1980)
  • Total Sex (1980)
  • Erector (1981)
  • Dedicated to Peter Kurten (1981)
  • Buchenwald (1981)
  • New Britain (1982)
  • Psychopathia Sexualis (1982)
  • Right To Kill (1983)
  • Great White Death (1985)
  • Cream of the Second Coming (1990)
  • Thank Your Lucky Stars (1990)
  • Another Crack of the White Whip (1991)
  • Twice Is Not Enough (1992)
  • Never Forget Death (1992)
  • Halogen (1994)
  • Quality Time (1995)
  • Mummy and Daddy (1998)
  • Cruise (2001)

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