It was an ordinary day, followed by a truly wonderful evening. A friend of mine had a dinner party for her co-workers. The part of her team that came were seven people from seven different countries. We had a great time discussing language and culture and the fact that people getting shot is not an unusual occurrence in Naples. I feel reassured about this info. I've spent a lot of time in Chicago and now I know that I'd feel right at home in Naples, Italy.

I also heard that Survivor was first a television show in the UK. Apparently the British version didn't make it though. The people became very angry with each other, then built a canoe and tried to escape from the island. At that point the show was cancelled. Thank goodness our American Survivors are made of sturdier stuff! Hey - I just heard on TV that Survivor has ended. I wonder who won?

I was again reminded that most of the worst that our media offers is exported to foreign countries. Apparently Jerry Springer can now be seen in Brasil. I'm embarrassed about that. Between this and the fact that we couldn't learn metric if our lives depended on it (we're the last nation in the world to convert), we look pretty dumb. I'm glad that people from other countries take time to evaulate US citizens on an individual basis.
I had genuine green tea for the first time tonight. It's very different from tea that I had had before. And I think that I could definitely acquire the taste.

I'm really thankful that my friend invited me to the dinner party, even though I'm not working with the team. My life was getting too dull and introverted again. Friends are precious.

Oh yeah - and I decided to take the offer from my employer's subsidiary. I"m not happy about it at all. But I don't qualify for unemployment if I pass on the offer, and I don't have anything firm from the company that I intend to work with next. I always said that I wouldn't be a corporation's whore. Well, here I am. They're going to lock me in a 6-month non-compete. Which means that when I do decide to go work for the competition, I can either go directly and face a lawsuit, or go six months without work or unemployment or any form of income. I guess even I can't tell the difference between a prostitute and a consultant. Or maybe I'm a slave now. Who knows. Kids, if you're listening, always think hard before joining a major corporation. They'll lie to you to get you in, then try to block you from getting out.

Sheesh - I had a great night and now just ruined the mood by thinking about work. Bad me.