I should definitely be in bed right now. I would be if I hadn't fallen asleep at the keyboard (it being five till four in the morning). Here's what happened while I was gone...

My valium-addicted friend Steve stumbled in with a horribly bleeding nose (he snorts the stuff), and proceeded to collapse on the floor. My dog wandered in and started licking the blood off the floor. As he did, he started turning red, like the blood was dying his fur. He was still the waggy little puppy he really is, but now a hideous red. Steve looked up and accused me of feeding him to my dog.

I just now woke up. Joey, my dog, was licking my toes. Bedtime. Goodnight.

It was twilight at an old hotel I was staying in. I would walk up to the balcony and stare straight into the ocean until a beam of light reflecting off the water would pierce my eyes and I would turn around. When I did, I saw Rebekah. She was standing there, rather coercively.. expecting me to leave with her. But I couldn't find a reason not to, so we took a walk around the floors and she asked me if I would take her to a place I have never been, but always dreamed of going.

I couldn't think of a place to go that I had not been in my fairweathered city of Myrtle Beach, so I took her to an imaginary pier that had eleven stories. We climbed silently. As we got higher on the pier, the stairs grew more dangerous to climb and often the only way you could get up them was to grab the other person and pull them up.

But we eventually got to the 11th floor. I noticed that even though I was leading her to this place, she reached the top before I did and this led me to understand that she worked here and she had been here several times more than I had before. I found this unnerving, that despite my older age, she had experienced more than I had.

On my own volition, I followed her downstairs and back to the hotel where we met many of her friends, giddy teenage girls. She tried to get me to socialize with them, but I felt it was no use, as I had no interest in any of them, seeing as I didn't even have interest in her. But she was excited when I stepped on the head of one of the girls, and she approached me.

She squeezed me tightly as she jumped up and down. She had an exagerrated breast size and they flrew up in my face. I was flat. I could not feel mine bouncing, even though I was not jumping. As she squeezed me, I awoke. Half of my head was numb and I could not sit up. I think I experienced sleep paralysis for the first time ever.

Improbable road-trip: Thanks to my fast, I'm having weird insomnia, and reality is bleeding into my dreams more than normal. I have a job interview on Friday, which is also the day I move to Burlington for school. Anyway, I dreamt it was Friday, and I was sleeping but trying to wake up in time to make the two hour drive to the city. Somehow, though, I was suddenly in my father's camper, on a road trip somewhere. We eventually stopped at a gas station and went to use the toilets, which were mounted at an angle for some reason, sorta halfway between a toilet and a urinal. I'm reminded of my trip to the Baltics, and how weird the toilets (or lack thereof) were in those countries.

The study was in disarray (who had let it get like this). Documents, magazines and the grind of coffee beans lay sprawled across the desk I stood over, obscuring whatever it was that i was searching for. I tried the drawer (there was one drawer, and i could not help but open it repeatedly).

In frustration I rose to my feet (when did i seat myself), and fell as my head pounded and my vision swam out of focus.

Outside somewhere, and it's raining. Headlights cut through the night, lighting those drops which cross their path (the lights move across my field of vision). As I stood blinded, music seemed to echo somewhere in the background.

"but I never thought of killing someone..."
(where was it coming from)

My perspective shifted, as though I were situated just in front of my body. I was somehow still aware of myself (only barely) as I moved on again.

Somewhere else, still raining and still night.
This time I was admist trees (the tops rose higher than i could see), and these trees gave off a kind of luminiscent glow (keeping the night at bay). I wasn't sure if I was unable to move, or if the trees advanced and retreated to match my own movements.

Others were there with me (who were they). Their voices seemed familar (someone i knew), but I failed to place them or hear what they were saying (quiet and anxious tones).

Then I was running, through the same woods which tore at my skin and grasped for my legs (did this actually happen). Before long I was sitting outside the woods (they were no longer in sight), though the colours seemed too bright to be real (the grass was a neon green).

I was sitting with someone (i didn't know her), and she complimented me on my lawn coloured eyes.

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