It was twilight at an old hotel I was staying in. I would walk up to the balcony and stare straight into the ocean until a beam of light reflecting off the water would pierce my eyes and I would turn around. When I did, I saw Rebekah. She was standing there, rather coercively.. expecting me to leave with her. But I couldn't find a reason not to, so we took a walk around the floors and she asked me if I would take her to a place I have never been, but always dreamed of going.

I couldn't think of a place to go that I had not been in my fairweathered city of Myrtle Beach, so I took her to an imaginary pier that had eleven stories. We climbed silently. As we got higher on the pier, the stairs grew more dangerous to climb and often the only way you could get up them was to grab the other person and pull them up.

But we eventually got to the 11th floor. I noticed that even though I was leading her to this place, she reached the top before I did and this led me to understand that she worked here and she had been here several times more than I had before. I found this unnerving, that despite my older age, she had experienced more than I had.

On my own volition, I followed her downstairs and back to the hotel where we met many of her friends, giddy teenage girls. She tried to get me to socialize with them, but I felt it was no use, as I had no interest in any of them, seeing as I didn't even have interest in her. But she was excited when I stepped on the head of one of the girls, and she approached me.

She squeezed me tightly as she jumped up and down. She had an exagerrated breast size and they flrew up in my face. I was flat. I could not feel mine bouncing, even though I was not jumping. As she squeezed me, I awoke. Half of my head was numb and I could not sit up. I think I experienced sleep paralysis for the first time ever.