Woke up this morning.

Had a weird dream...wait...that goes elsewhere.

Unfortunately it is now dark when I get up (6:30 am PDT). That makes shifting my brain out of standby mode all the more difficult.

Turned on the news. I always hold my breath a short second before the TV turns itself on and I find out that the world didn't blow up overnight. No major disasters, no world leaders got assassinated. Just another slow news day.

My Cheerios are especially flavorful this morning and the milk hasn't turned sour yet. Bonus.

I take my daily Allegra to open my nasal passages. I've got a touch of an ear infection, so I dip a Q-tip in peroxide and swab it in my ear canal. Snap crackle pop! Read the San Jose Mercury sports section. Go Giants!! The magic number is 12.

Off to work. These days I'm working on my own so much there'd probably be only one person who would notice if I skipped out. And that person isn't my boss. But I'm a good soldier. To a degree anyhow, writing this isn't of bringing any increased value to the stockholders.

September in the San Francisco Bay Area is almost invariably sunny, so long as you are on the leeward side of the coastal mountains. But today is cloudy. Almost looks like it will rain, a rare event indeed.