Portable Data Terminal:

A handheld computer used to record information for later transmission into a central database. Could be anything from a Palm or Windows CE handheld computer to an overgrown TI Graphing calculator. Most of these are industry specific, and may include a barcode scanner (for retail inventories).

Janus and Texlon make the evil MS-DOS version I have to fix every other day.

Page Directory Table

A page in memory, which contains pointers to page tables. Each of these pointers is called a Page Directory Entry.

On the Intel 386 architecture, the PDT is the topmost page table, meaning it is used to specify the memory mapping of an entire process address space. A PDT contains 1024 PDEs. The CR3 CPU register points to the PDT.

An abbreviation for Pacific Daylight Time. During Daylight Saving Time the PST (Pacific Standard Time) time zone is adjusted by -1 hour -- thus making PDT a total of -7 hours different from GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) and UTC (Universal Coordinated Time).

PDT is -3 hours of EDT, -2 hours CDT, and -1 hours MDT.

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