Its about 11:07am GMT on the 16th of december

I have just woken up from a drunken sulmber after a really good evening of drinking with a mate i have not seen in about a year! we first started off at a local pub and from then on we stopped at 4 or 5 pubs drinking large amounts of alcohol (including barcardi, southern comfort and whiskey and beer)we finally stumbled home at about 1:00am and fell into bed (not the same one i might add!)

i am now taking a couple of pills that i hope will get rid of the stinking headache i have. But it is good to see a mate which i have not seen quite a long time. He has been telling me about his latest problem. One of his best mates girlfriend is flirting with my mate and my mate (phil) is wondering what to do about it, on one side he feels he should go for it but on the other side he might reck a good friendship with a mate he has known a long time.

My advice is to leave well alone, sometimes women (no offence to any women that read this node) can be right evil people that just dont care!!!