Flower = Narcissus
Birthstone = Turquoise

Universal Human Rights Month
Party Training Month

Floating Holidays in December:
Third Monday = Annual announcement of "The Most Boring Celebrities of the Year" by the Boring Institute.
Third Friday = Underdog Day (to celebrate unsung heroes).

The full moon in December is called Hunters' Moon or Ice Moon.

De*cem"ber (?), n. [F. d'ecembre, from L. December, fr. decem ten; this being the tenth month among the early Romans, who began the year in March. See Ten.]


The twelfth and last month of the year, containing thirty-one days. During this month occurs the winter solstice.


Fig.: With reference to the end of the year and to the winter season; as, the December of his life.


© Webster 1913.

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