The Labyrinth of Jareth is a seven-year tradition inspired by the movie Labyrinth and its intriguing Goblin King, Jareth.

Shawn Strider and Adam Gastelum, while still quite young, were talking about one day holding a masquerade based upon the ballroom scene in Labyrinth. After graduation and a few rough times, they picked up the idea again, deciding it was time to try it out. So in December of 1997 the first Labyrinth of Jareth Fantasy Masquerade was held in San Diego, California, and has been occurring annually in a different city ever since.

The Labyrinth of Jareth is a truly grand picture of the inspiration which can occur from movies. Much like The Princess Bride, Labyrinth has inspired the imaginations of many people in the form of websites, groups, and now a masquerade.

The Labyrinth of Jareth is based on Celtic faerie lore, Renaissance, and mythical realms. Anyone purchasing a ticket must be wearing a suitable costume along with a mask.

Noted for its cutting-edge shows, distinguished guests, and fantastical atmosphere, The Labyrinth of Jareth has reached a popular status, most especially in online communities. The Labyrinth of Jareth has featured such acts as Desert Sin, one of the most outstanding experimental dance groups in Los Angeles; Brian and Wendy Froud, an artist and puppet-designer, respectively, for films such as Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal, have been guests and supporters at several Labyrinth of Jareth masquerades; and several well-respected musical groups such as Mandrake and Knollwit.


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