Nodes Editor-Cooled

Richh: Tell Me Something to Make Me Hate You by Jack Black. What a complete bastard.

Nodes Killed

the one I live for by Inyo. A short response to a long rant that included a disclaimer. When you know it's going to be slammed because it's not a decent writeup and you node it anyways, I don't have much pity.
Electric Lady Land by wirehead and aidan. Mispelled node for the Jimi Hendrix album Electric Ladyland - the poor E1 writeups were cleared away and now the Fantastic Plastic Machine lyrics (mine, incidentally. No dem bones, don't get out the whupping stick! There's no conflict of interest here! I promise!) rest alone.
Things Agthorr wishes he could Cool by Agathorr. Bookmarks. Personal nodelets. Home page. Please use them. This isn't even an issue of "getting to know you" or "These are cool nodes!". And to add insult to injury, it wasn't even being updated. Every node in there was cooled.
The American Maid by ford_prefect. Eew, fanboy drool in two lines of text. I'm wiping this up.
regdoC is Codger backwards by Codger and regdoC. "Haha I cheated!" and its reversed brother. It was a mercy killing.
cholesterol by wageslave and Dekaritae. Bad definitions get slapped down - who's your daddy? Lometa's wasn't too hot either, but at least she's still around.
rimmer - the definition by g_force. Okay, the title sucks. And it's a See Also writeup. He really swings out when it's not even a correct reference. Not that I wouldn't have removed it for the first two, but really...
neopaganism by wageslave. Old definition surpassed.
reincarnation by wageslave. Same case.
relive by wageslave. Ditto.
neurosis by johnny and wageslave. Seeing a trend?
ascii by Racaille, escher and mbm. The Jargon File blows them all out of the water.
On three separate occasions, I gave up my life so others could live. by danlowlite. Incredibly uninspired filling of a nodeshell; it was at -6 when it was terminated with extreme prejudice.
Predecessor by Kalie Ma. E1 defs have a short half-life.
geek girl by ben smith. He wants to find one. We care why? I glared at the rest of the writeups - they're not winners either.
abstinance by toast, ben smith. Mispellings! generosity and lactic.acid have been asked to deal with their writeups as they see fit - one was very decent and the other pointed out the illiterate nature of the node, so I was merciful.
The Dead Kennedys by ben smith and dracopop. Servicable, but overshadowed.

Gods - Node Titles to Edit

happiness is a warm gun. Mr. Pedant says "Capitalize proper nouns!"
electronics hobbyists. Plural doubleplusungood! Singular doubleplusgood!
rimmer - the definition. Cut out the redundancy. If it's not the definition, what the hell is it? Oh, and by the way, it already exists. Oops - can we meld the writeup in somehow? If all else fails, /msg bozon just to move the damn thing in. Update: I have, and am waiting.
kevin mitnick. Apparently, there's duplicate nodes here. Someone didn't check before editing the title, I guess.
male prostitutes. Bobbitize the 's'.

Gods - Nodeshells to Delete

Things Agthorr wishes he could Cool
regdoC is Codger backwards