Tomoyuki Tanaka, a musician from Japan, has created wonderfully happy music that is at once retro and technoish. Makes me imagine vacationing on a far-away island.

FPM's music is much more than just "happy". It's the most technologically advanced party music there is. Its frantic yet cohesive and danceable form makes you feel all at once drunken and ecstatic and hyper and free. It's perfectly constructed to put you in the groove.

I hear that those Japanese businessmen need to unwind really hard with all the stress they have.

Oh, he's also an extremely good DJ. See him live if you get the chance.

Here's his (US) discography (so far):

Fantastic Plastic Machine - Fantastic Plastic Machine (September 1998)

Fantastic Plastic Machine - Dear Mr. Salesman (September 1998)

Fantastic Plastic Machine - Luxury (June 1999)
CD/LP, and a weird set of remix singles, with differend versions released in Europe, Japan, and America.

Fantastic Plastic Machine - Take Me To The Disco (June 2000)

65535 recommends all tunes listed above.

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