American Maid is another of the faithful sworn protectors of the City. To the naked eye American Maid might seem you mild mannered Caterer. However, when she's on duty she's a Red, White, and Blue fighting machine. From what we know about this woman of mystery, she does not have any real Super-powers. She does however have great agility, and high heels which she uses as deadly projectiles. Another thing that we know about American Maid is that there is or was something between her and Die Fledermaus. Whenever they meet they argue and fight about each other's intelligence, morals, etc.. What it really seems like is that they Dated Once. Recently, American Maid has teamed up with the Tick and Arthur in defeating many threats to the city. They have put down foes together including: Chairface Chippendale, The Ottoman, El Seed, Multiple Santa, Proto Clown, and others.

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