The self-proclaimed liberator of the plant world! El Seed is a plant who attended night school where he learned of agriculture. While there he joined People for Ethical Treatment of Vegetables, but soon found them not nearly radical enough. He broke off and started his own plots to end the reign of the animal kingdom. (If he knew of them he would probably be sympathetic to the Vegetable Liberation Front.)

As implied by his name, El Seed speaks in a Spanish accent, with proper revolutionary jargon. His head is shaped like a sunflower and wears matador type clothing. His two attempts to overthrow the animals (and humans in particular) in the City have been stopped by The Tick. Past plots include animating plants with a "vitilizer" that allows them to move (and apparently puts them in a very bad mood) and attempting to use the 400 year bloom, which will bloom in a bad way if it is not constantly exposed to music.

He has two henchpeople, the Bee Twins.

"The eat us! They wear us! They put us in pots! They squeeze us for our juice!"
"Those accursed supermonkeys have tossed themselves into my salad once again!"

He has not appeared in The Tick comic, only in the animated TV show. It remains to be seen if he will be in the new live action version. Rumors that Bob the Angry Flower is based upon him are false, since the TV show happened after that comic first appeared on the web.

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