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AD 2001 September 26th. Well it has been a long time... More than five months so there are some shake ups in the rankings. America did not win the war remains on top going from 32 to 43. At some point Controversial Noding was displaced by How to Summon the Devil, I can't say I'm sorry to see it go since I prefer the latter. Why Gay males... continues to gain despite my talking it down, I guess politics just wins out because people feel they should support it.

The Top Nine

As rated by other users.
  1. America did not win the war at 43 with a C!
  2. La Cosa Nostra at 30 with a C!
  3. Hermetic's Rant: Gay Marriages at 30 with a C!
  4. Felching: How to do it and why you shouldn't at 29
  5. gold standard at 27 with a C!
  6. How to Summon the Devil at 26 with a C!
  7. faggot at 25 with a C!
  8. Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai at 25 with a C!
  9. Why Gay males aren't accepted as well as females in America at 22
As rated by me.
  1. The Devil's Highway at 10 with a C!
  2. Apis at 10 with two C!s
  3. Federal Reserve Bank at 18 with a C!
  4. how to summon the Devil at 26 with a C!
  5. gold standard at 27 with a C!
  6. lawyers at 4 with a C! (down by one)
  7. International English at 15 with a C!
  8. imaginary places at 10 with a C!
  9. Americanization at 5 with a C!

These are some nodes that I think are rated too lowly. Not that I don't have plenty of low rated nodes, but these don't deserve it. (In my opinion anyway) Check them out! Hopefully they just have not found their target audience yet.

And finally my bookmark list of some interesting nodes. This is me advertizing for votes for other users. I keep them on the list until I notice they are at 12 or above. My list of nodes that I think so cool they should be at that level. Past nodes include 50 percent linkage and beautiful buildings.