Captain Liberty is a superhero of the City in the live-action TV version of The Tick, played by Liz Vassey. She is a somewhat more realistic version of American Maid from the animated series, who could not be used on the live-action show because (like Die Fledermaus) the character was owned by the people behind the cartoon.

The official site for the TV show says that Captain Liberty was raised by the U.S. government and trained to become "America's Official Superhero." However, a rebellious period in her teen years and the resulting bad publicity led the government to back off on their project. She is still employed by the government as a representative, but given less important projects such as being a guide when classic superhero the Immortal visits the City. However, she's still in the public eye enough as a government representative to be in trouble and at risk of court-martial when an ex-lover sells nude pictures of her to a magazine.

Her uniform, a headpiece of spikes like those worn by the Statue of Liberty, a sleeveless top with a five-pointed star cut out of the front to reveal some cleavage, and gold hot pants, attracts a lot of attention from males (such as Batmanuel and the Immortal), but she doesn't act like a sexpot. She's all business on the job, but, unlike American Maid, has been shown to have a life outside her work. She's looking for love and hasn't had much luck yet, despite an implied list of boyfriends. Many of them have been put off by her job, but dating guys who don't know what "Janet" does for a living hasn't seemed to work either. So she hangs out with ex-boyfriend Batmanuel, The Tick, and Arthur.

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