THE villain. He’s totally evil and about 100 years old. In the past he has fought many heroes including Teddy Roosevelt, Mount Rushmore, The American Maid, and The Tick. He wages a never ending battle for evil with the help of allies like Stalin, the man eating cow, one ton & handy.

He wears a black bodysuit with a large golden or yellow "T" on the front and a mask of the draped cloth with two eyeholes, like executioners are sometimes shown wearing. In pictures of him with (the original) Stalin he was quite buff, but by the time he fought The Tick he had faded to a spindly old man with a hacking cough. Thought he's still plenty evil.

He also has a terrible relationship with his son, Terry, who disappointed him terribly by becoming an insurance claims adjustor. Though The Terror's son did try to bond with him after his own retirement. It didn't work, of course, and he eventually helped The Tick to bring him to justice.

His plots include trying to take over the city by seizing Mayor Blank in the city White House and tricking his old enemies The Decency Squad into reveiling the location of the DesiroVac. (During the later adventure we also learn what those things in the tick's head are for, ballance.)

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