A hero/villain published by DC Comics. Terra first appeared in New Teen Titans #26 in 1982.

There are watershed moments in nearly all comic titles. The Dark Phoenix Saga. Emerald Twilight. Knight Fall. The Death of Superman. And in the Teen Titans, the greatest watershed event was probably the Judas Contract.

The centerpiece of this story arc was Terra, a hero who was not what she seemed. Terra was actually Tara Markov, the illegitimate daughter of the king of Markovia. Because of her blood relationship, to the royal family of Markovia, Tara was able to undergo the special process created by Dr. Jace which allowed the members of the royal family to possess earth-based super-powers. Tara gained her powers under less than ideal circumstances, with Dr. Jace later suggesting that Tara underwent the process without her knowledge. The result was that Tara could manipulate earth and rock in a variety of ways, from using them to support herself for transportation to creating missiles of rock and stone.

Because the king of Markovia tried to keep Tara and her mother a secret to avoid scandal, Tara grew up feeling unloved with a lot of anger and frustration in her nature. She used her new abilities and began to do mercenary work, selling her powers to the highest bidder. She began to use the name Terra as a codename during this time. She also came into contact with Deathstroke, the Terminator, another mercenary. He had a contract on the lives of the Teen Titans and partnered with Terra to fulfill the contract.

Terra became a member of the Titans and gained their confidence. Eventually, she found out their secrets, their weaknesses, and their secret identities. She and Deathstroke then used this information to capture them and turn them over to H.I.V.E. for execution. Only Dick Grayson, the original Robin, escaped and with the help of Deathstroke's son, Jericho, helped free his teammates. At this point, Terra went berserk, feeling betrayed by both Deathstroke and the Titans and brought a huge pile of rock and soil down in an attempt to kill her former teammates. In the end, she only managed to kill herself.

Years later, a girl with the exact look and powers of the original Terra appeared with a group of super-powered youth from the future. Though it was originally believed that she was another girl who had been given powers like Terra, it was later revealed that this new Terra was actually the original, though with no memory of her actual past. Her brother, Brion Markov, the hero Geoforce is the only person to know this to be true.