I've been wondering... as I node some fairly strange things, and not so strange things, if the contents of my node could be used to prove that I am:

.. and will this impact on the outcome of any cases that are brought against me. Now and in the future. Not that any are. I'm just saying.. you know.. in case.. something bad happens... something very very bad.. that I can't help,, that the brain bugs make me do

to YOU! Accidently .. with THE KNIVES!
and the anal protusions that plaque me occassionally forcing me to laugh at your snivelling existence! HAH!

I want to play pants down boccé with your MOTHER! Save some for me larraby. I want your festerings ... you hollowed out beagle car, ankles. You are a gourd creature position with elbow nodule control emitting rasberry jam squids upon my flat eyeball bulging dog named "Herman". Please degorgonzolarate now. jork I deny any link to gorgonzola that may be implied by this definition. SANTA HAS A TUMOR IN HIS HEAD THE SIZE OF AN OLIVE. So reefification, what do you have to say for yourself, now that you've been utterly, utterly defeated in the most enspatulating way any spatula can imagine? A pustulant degorgonzolating strudel-cockroach leechburger upon the many fun burger loving houses restaurants with free refills and no smoking.

To think this was going to be a serious node as well.

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