Of all the really bad movies I've seen, this one holds a special place in my heart. The plot revolves around a small rural area from which many children go missing, and join some kind of savage cult led by a boy whose father got caught in a bear trap many years previous. While recruiting new members, these maniacal cannibal children take to killing any adults that happen to wander into the woods in seach of their lost sons and daughters.

Spoiler to follow... you have been warned.

The one good thing about this movie, which made it almost worth the two bucks rental is the ending...

(This really is a spoiler, I swear...)

The parents of these brainwashed children, decide they have become demons and must be killed in order to save them. Led by some fanatical minister, the townsfolk absolutely massacre these kids in the most horrifying and creative ways you can imagine. Hilarious to watch. Whatever negligable budget this movie had; it all went into this five minutes of shooting, stabbing, impaling, and dismembering small children.

Rent it. Fast forward it. Enjoy the carnage.

Thanks to the Internet Movie Database for some of this information.

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