Last year, while taking "Large Scale Programming" (which was taught in Java), and not even starting any of my projects which I had six weeks to do until the night before, I had a similar experience. I slept for far less than one hour that night and it seems like I dreamt in Java the entire time. Not that I was a Java program, but that I was inside of, or a part of one. I think the whole world was written in Java (which would explain a lot of what's wrong with the world). Everything and everyone I came into contact with was a separate class, and interacted through subroutines. For some reason, I was able to read the code to the world. Come to think of it, I don't really remember the world actually running. I think it was just a lot of code spinning past me. Of course everyone I knew was of class "Person" and had functions like void talk(String string){ System.out.println(string); } I definitely saw the code for "Tree" too. Probably as a result of mucking around a little too much with binary search trees. I think the tree's branches were some form of B-tree actually which makes my head hurt.

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