Writeups Removed

#HACK Philosophy by pzn. Rude, inflammatory droppings from an 3l33t dude's mouth under the title of 'philosophy'.
#hack by emmanuel and swern. One liners, and useless.
p0sse by emmanuel. Mispelled, inarticulate flame.
#!/bin/sh by pzn. Copied the writeup above it exactly. Great.
NO CHIX, NO BOTZ, NO ESKIMOS, NO HUNCHBACKZ, NO FISH, NO KATZ, by jhalt and swern. Pretty much the same crap as #hack philosophy, except explained. It didn't make it much better.
The management reserves the right to remove writeups on account by Yoshi and a life in hell. E1 writeups by E1 noders - they age poorly, and can't be revived.
obfuscation by pzn and confuzd. Webster beat them down, and fled noders aren't rewriting noders.
rocket by Uber Dingus. Old, highly pointless writeup.
capybara by k_hokanson and Uber Dingus. Winnowing the old.
navel by confuzd and sank. Really poor definitions.
quiet by bugtwo and bookworm. Ditto.
shotgun by bishop. A one-line reference to Sluggy Freelance without supporting content, and it's been done better elsewhere. Pass.
quake3arena by matta and cavediver. Poor writeups, and the title's wrong.
nofx by sdt and requiem. Pushed aside by superior writeups. Fled noders are hard to convince to improve...
operating system by requiem. One line of definition, one line of flame. I want more.
bill gates is god by gunga-din and ascending. Typical MS idiocy.
ray guns by slush. Pointless e1 writeup.
mosr by slush. Incredibly uninformative writeup of a website.
deflection of the alien radation by slush. One incoherent line.
holy hand grenade by slush. Another E1 definition replaced by newer, healthier writeups.
transporters by slush. Ramblings.
psychotic crazy military nutjobs by gtsum. Reasonless invective - telling us how horrible your hated group is without backing it up is just flaming.
Punks who make me want to be a cop with a steel head bashing baton by Atriol35. Very inflammatory statements without real reasoning behind it, and it was at -6. That's a sign there's a problem with it. Let's avoid these kind of nodes from any political spectrum.
cracker by FlexAble. Repeated a definition done better both before and after.
Everything is not anything by ZappaPhD. Old E1 response to a node by a fled noder, and fairly pointless.
TELLETUBBIES ATE MY BALLS by kail, O combat, frido. Painful and unnecessary.
Conneticuit by nosferatu. Mispelling.
raygun by mebreathing and lakeid. The first was incoherent, and the second was pointless.
radioactive flesh by mebreathing. Nonsense about rayguns without the effort that justifies.
The pixies by the_march_hare. E1 node by a fled user whose information is replicated below. Spydr was /msged.

I Beseech The Ghods to Remove Without Penalty:

#HACK philosophy. With the original idiocy removed, the rest of the writeups and the node can Go Towards the Light.
what did we do to you people? and just to help me get to his goddamn homenode... by nocodeforparanoia. We chatted, we /msged and we agreed that euthanasia was the best choice for these twisted souls.
Punks who make me want to be a cop with a steel head bashing baton. The original "I want to crack a hippy's skull" writeup is gone, so the response isn't quite needed.
Conneticuit. Just a note that the mispelled node's marked for destruction.

Yo, Ghods, Nodeshell Cleanup on Aisle:

psychotic crazy military nutjobs
#HACK philosophy
The management reserves the right to remove writeups on account
Writing crap nodes for the soul perpose of being downvoted.
screw welfare, let the poor starve so I can afford a bigger SUV conservatives
bill gates is god
ray guns

I Pray to the Ghods - Smite the Nodeless Users:

o ComBat

I Give Sweet Offerings to the Ghods For Editing Titles From:

walkin on the sun to Walkin' on the Sun. Yep, that's the official spelling according to the album.