A really kewl company with its head office in downtown Toronto.

It makes the world's best Java development tools and has recieved numerous awards for its excellent management. Also happens to be the place I worked at during the summer of 2000.

In 2000 it changed its name to Sitraka, the Sanskrit word for Cheetah, in keeping with its former corporate slogan: "Go Faster!" More recently, they were purchased by Quest Software.

Some of the things that make them stand out from most employers include an annual boat cruise with an open bar & company-approved ball hockey games during the middle of the day twice a week. Like many other software shops, they sport a foozball table but they also have a Mortal Kombat arcade game in the office for free use!

Sitraka's flagship products are:

  • JClass: a set of widgets for writing Swing applications.
  • JProbe: a suite of tools for running performance & coverage tests on your Java apps as well as spotting memory leaks.
  • DeployDirector: an end-to-end deployment system for Java applications.

The company can be found online at www.sitraka.com

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