Occasionally, when I am sitting at home, I will have The Weather Channel on in the background. I already know the weather conditions in my area and what it should be like for the rest of the day, but I can't seem to turn it, even though the remote control is right next to me.

I almost believe that there is something about TWC that we are not being told, everything from that snappy muzak they play during the local forecast down to their selection of meteorologists and their vocabulary. Funktelligence's Till The Deuce resonating in my skull, Jeff Morrow speaks in innuendo, "There is some wild and hot action going down in the south." (actual quote). So it is proven that TWC has taught me something about speaking around something and playing with it. I knew something was wrong the day I taped an hour of TWC and actually came home and watched it instead of the presidential debate. Then, the next day, went down to the music store and asked for a copy of Shahin & Sepehr's "World Cafe" as heard on The Weather Channel. Particularly, I have found that some of my best writings have came from 3 a.m. bouts of watching TWC. Don't challenge it.

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