From now on its just the name of the person of whom received the flower:
Name: Oscar Rios Ortis
Born: July 29, 1958
Death: March 7, 1959

* = Something that happened that I didn't mind but still leaves butterflies and pain in my stomach.

Today I got to class late, yet again. Spanish 2, the professor speaks nothing but spanish. I am clueless. He asked me questions and I stared at him with a blank expression.

American Heritage: if taking 6 pages of notes where the professor is just talking the whole time without stops is fun for you, then you would have loved today.

U.S. Government, maybe the only class I really like. The teacher makes it fun with his kooky attitude and silly pants.
*A girl sat next to me that smelled just like another girl I used to know. I felt as though I could turn to look at her and she'd be there. But I turned and she wasn't. Oh how I miss that girl...

I had a meeting with my advisor at 12:10.
* I saw a friend from along the way, she gave me the "mask" eyes (where they circle their eyes with their hands) and I said, "Hey." She was off to a meeting herself and I had to sadly decline. Oh how I wanted to go.......but couldn't.

My advisor advised me to see someone else, so I did. I got help from 3 different advisors and finished. I walked off to get my transcripts...

* On the way out of the door I spotted my ex girlfriend. My heart went thumping away and I tried to do something else. I badly wanted to talk to her. I ended up right behind her and kicked her. Not a hard kick, I just kicked her backpack. She shrieked, "HEY R.J.!" and pushed me off the sidewalk. :P She always does fun things like that. We talked for a little while: she went down a different path. As we parted she yelled, "Call me!" I sighed, damn her...

I got my transcript and went to class, my professor is from Russia. I understand her quite well but I took no notes, I was advised to drop that class. Afterwards we talked and she told me that I did not even need to be wasting my money and time on her class, she said that I should be in Calculus. But I don't want to be, so I think I'll take pre-calculus.

* On the way to work from Math class I was talking to a friend of mine that I had for Spanish when the first friend that passed me passed me again. I gave her the "hey!" look and she didn't care and walked past. All I've thought of the rest of the day is that, and am still thinking of now...

Work was dumb, I started up again with 7th and 8th graders. God help me.

I get home to an email from my ex girlfriend, it involved knowing something about someone I like that I don't know. I hate this, it has been one of my worst days, and yet it still continues....