Disclaimer: I'm going to assume this node now exists for the purpose of, in public, airing out the dirty laundry, as it were. This node would actually be better named "E2 Power Structure Public Relations Issues," otherwise, the answer is "Google and Lycos have too much market share."


Nuke for the Ages
As Rancid Pickle points out, it is the duty of editors and gods to walk through the database, culling the weeds. Sometimes, those weeds were very good nodes that weren't well-received. Other times, they just plain needed to die. It's not that editors can't be bothered to /msg you; it is that they are very busy. Look over at the Statistics nodelet. As I write this, the number of writeups today is 356. That means that the difference between new nodes and deleted nodes is 356. That's actually a lot. I've seen days where the difference at 23:00 is still negative.
Still, being busy isn't enough of an excuse. When a well-crafted node is nuked, a /msg should accompany it. If one of your nodes is nuked, dont fly off the handle: try /msging a god or friendly editor. They will usually happily go figure out what happened and why, and tell you.
Avoid noding about noding
Go through the nodes about noding. Not the ones about E2 bacchanalia, but ones like this. Note how many gods and editors write them.
Nodes about noding must be good to survive. Gods and Editors tend to be good noders. Note that good here is in the eyes of the nukers
Defensive responses
Gods should expect to be questioned. Most of the noders live in free societies, where questioning authority is a fact of life. If you get defensive, it looks like you did something wrong.
"If you don't like it, leave"
"You don't know how frustrating it is up here"
"Don't rock the boat, especially not when you're in it"
The single biggest PR issue of E2. These are divisive attitudes. Fix them. Imagine how the world would be today had Thomas Paine and Benjamin Franklin listened to that advice.

Yes, I was the anonymous noder in Rancid Pickle's Wu. And yes, I've earned my bullshit: 209 bullshit points.

And no, you're not all out to get me. Some may be, and some are just insensitive, but most of you are trying your best to build your idea of an ideal online community and database. This is not a criticism. It's a set of suggestions to the community for dealing with the misperceptions on both sides.