According to The Register in article a bunch of lawyers are planning a case of Gypsies vs IBM in relation to the machinery used by Nazi Germany to track and identify probable candidates for the final solution.

This is essentially the same case as Cohen, Milfield, Hausfeld and Toll - a Washington DC law firm - prepared for Jewish victims of the holocaust earlier in the year and later dropped.

Here's a personal opinion from someone with more gypsy blood than most self-proclaimed Rom. I think it's obscene. The gypsies have been persecuted for thousands of years now. Most of them/us are pretty much resigned to it and I'll admit to a guilty, sneaking sense of superiority due to the fact that we never whined about it like the Jews and other persecuted groups. I think this action is self-defeating and bad for the gypsies as a people. I hope to God that it goes the way of the Jewish case, and very soon.

Finding witnesses for any trial would be almost impossible since many gypsies are illiterate and all are reticent to say the least about the atrocities commited against them. The Rom are a proud people and giving money to Rom victims of the holocaust would be insulting and grotesque. Under Gypsy Law there is no tradition of compensation - blood demands blood and status is given to those who prove themselves strong enough to forgive and forget. Drop the case. Don't shame the gypsy people with this obscenity.

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