15:27 EET

I haven't written day log entries in a while, simply because nothing that meaningful has been going on in my life lately.
No, there still isn't.
But that has never kept me off daylogging for more than a few days, has it? :)

Once again, the work is seriously getting on my nerves. I missed the bus this morning due to no proper sleep on the last two nights, and got a healthy dose of whining & making fun from my boss and one of my collagues upon arriving at the office. As far as I am concerned, the general atmosphere here is downright terrible. I wish they would just sack me if my working hours don't please them. After all, it'a me who is doing them a favor, agreeing to work with an almost non-existent pay.
I really hope the trip to Tokyo becomes a reality, so there is even some motivation to sit here and take the bitching. A new 8-month project is supposed to start next week, and that long commitment to this firm simply scares me.

An old friend called yesterday. We were never that close, and simply lost touch during the last few years. I immediately realized he only called me because he needs something, and I was right. He's coming over today to pick up some CDs.
But at least he tried to make it seem a little less obvious, by providing a few minutes of chit-chat before getting to the point. Too bad his attempt failed miserably. I'm used to this though, so there won't be any hard feelings.

Hopefully I can overcome this noder's block soon, it's quite fustrating to watch other noders coming up with interesting stuff all the time. Continuing my work on synthesizers would be a possibility, but I am not satisfied with the quality of the existing ones. Wouldn't improving them first be better instead of noding for numbers? Or should I start noding something completely different?

My apologies to all of you who aren't interested in this senseless whining. I just needed to get some things off my chest, and this seemed to the best way. My next updates will most likely be more cheerful.

To be continued...