18:16 EET

Hmm, a certain new writeup of mine seems to be dividing opinions really heavily. It was the first time I have voiced an unpopular opinion on E2, as a sort of an experiment. And as I figured, its reputation is waving up and down fast. Then again, maybe the downvotes were cast simply because the writeup is so short and low in quality? Was I too quick to judge the downvoters as being nothing but a bunch of D.A.R.E. puppets?
Maybe. But in any case, I'd better backup the writing in case an editor disagrees with my view and decides to get rid of it.

Speaking of which, my backup process is nearly complete. Some 40 pieces to go, after which I can start backing them up as I write. When that time comes, the hotshot editors can wipe out every single one of my writings for all I care. Having all the contributions safe on my hard disk is enough for me.

Despite the fact that I slept quite badly last night, the day has been good. My projects were on hold at work, allowing me just to IRC and node. My dad paid back the money he had borrowed from me, so I'm not completely broke for a change. Even the weather should be turning towards something-more-appropriate-for-autumn starting tomorrow. Sweet.

Tomorrow will be the last day under my current contract. I really wish they can come up with a good deal for me, otherwise I'm forced to walk out on them. I like the job and the fellow employees, but I'm no slave. Working with a ridiculous and irregular pay is not an option anymore.
I really wish they won't screw this up. Being unemployed wouldn't be that good either.

Track of the day:  Daniel Ibbotson - Celebrate

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