1:23 BST, tomorrow morning

Firstly, a brief wibble about July 17, 2000. I didn't do much. I worked at the garage, then came home to my mother coming home from her holiday (visiting relatives), on which I did not accompany her due to the reality of work. So I spoke to her for the first time in a week.


Now, today. No work on either front, so I could relax. Yeah, right; I had to get up (after about 6 hours of sleep) to go to Perth for a driving lesson, which was around 11:00. I drove to Perth which was okay, and the lesson was quite good. I think the instructor thought my town driving was quite good, and my maneuvers are somewhat improving, although I still can't "do" them yet. What I hate is how he always keeps picking me up for not doing mirror checks when I do them! I think some people have a problem with the concept of moving your eyes but not your head. So now in a driving lesson I make stupid big, obvious movements to satisfy his idiotic observations of me. Don't get me wrong, he's a good instructor, but that really annoys me, people telling me off for things I didn't do, or even more, telling me to do things I do do.

Never Mind!

After that, I just spent the rest of the day vegging out in front of the TV/PC, depending on the time and whether it was complete garbage which was on the box. Which meant I just mainly surfed the net, 'cause the TV was total and utter, unmitigated crap.

Actually, I was really tired due to the non-full night's sleep I got last night, and the pitifully short night's sleep I got the night before. Which was, 3 hours, followed by me answering a phone call from my work where I had to pretend that I had not just gone to sleep a few hours before, followed by another 3 hours of sleep, followed by 8 hours at my other (garage) work. So at one point I lay and sat on my bed, in a sort of half-asleep, half-awake, tired daydreaming state. And then my mum came in and said something which jolted me back to tired old reality; I said I was thinking about going to sleep.

I then promptly woke up to a more alert state, and spent four hours browsing the web/ IRC'ing/ reading Usenet. And I'm now writing this - I intend to go to bed and sleep afterwards. And on a more abstract sense, I intend to get back to writing up a day log per day, assuming I can think of something to talk about. I mean, either an account or something interesting or some musings on life that day seem a fine thing to write, and Everythingians seem interested enough...

05:49 BST tomorrow morning

Well, I finally got my act together and made Level 2. So far the largest portion of my nodes are day logs, because I enjoy writing them; that's interspersed with various other, factual, stuff. Interestingly, the more factual write-ups have lower reputations. Whether this is something to do with what everything now is, or the differing quality or interestingness of my write-ups, I am unsure.

I've started writing lyrics nodes. Just now, for Iron Maiden, more specifically, I am noding lyrics to songs in their album, "The X-Factor", which is my favourite. I intend to keep this up for a while, at least.