I am changing a tire on my jeep and when I get the tire off, it turns into a guitar.

I become very irritated because I don't even play guitar. When I took lessons when I was 12, the teacher (whom my parents were paying) told me/us to give it up and save our money.

I start walking along a road with giant birch trees lining both sides. I am looking for someone who will trade the guitar for a tire. I come to a boat launch ramp and throw the instrument in the water and a duck flies into my arms. I take the duck and head back to the broken-down jeep.

We arrive and the jeep has turned into an elephant that is missing a leg. He stands patiently while I attach the duck to his leg socket. I climb aboard and we lumber away, quacking.

Fucking alive for the world to see.
With that whore next to me…

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