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My kin for a soapbox of joy
An abstract poem

My kin for a soapbox of joy,
Must you test me again?
I have given you my only toy.
Shall I suffer within?
Where are you oh truth?
Believer in the same truth,
Saver of the sane soothes
in to my troubled mind.
Pusher of the weak,
Waving dirty laundry for your vanity.
Punish not the good and righteous,
You squander nothing less.
Ask your god for forgiveness,
Cringe as you realise all your life
You could never be saved
Could only be stopped
Could have even cried from shame
But your cries fall on deaf ears.
Do you know why?
Do you think I,
In all my time in this place,
Have ever set eyes upon something so
Confusing as you.
I tell you no.
as rivers flow
around the world they move
and still you wait alone at night
like soapbox martyrs lose