Feelings is the name of an album that David Byrne put out in 1997. Like all of David Byrne's albums, there is a point behind this album, something he was trying to accomplish. Inspired by the works of Chico Science, Illya Kurlfaki, Björk, Portishead, Beck, and Cibo Matto, the music on this album mixed a lot of electronic instruments, synthesizers, and drum machines, with acoustic, more traditional instruments, and incorporated a lot of digital magic to make the recordings. Combined with Byrne's history of latin rhythms and harmonies, as well as new additions to his arsenal of sounds, there are quite a few surprises.

Feelings marks a new method of recording for David Byrne, as well. With home studios being more and more frequent, and the quality of digital and low cost audio equipment rising with the decreasing price tags, Byrne had the idea to record Feelings entirely in home studios in London, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York. This makes for a large amount of musicians, numerous different nuances, and a variety of techniques. Of recording in small, home studios, Byrne had this to say:

A few things occurred to me after having written and made demos of a number of songs: that home studio recordings now sound as good as big-name studio recordings, and that often the vibe in that environment is more conducive to creativity. Also, that the songs appeared to be in a wide variety of styles that might best be interpreted by different groups of musicians.

Some notable artists on this album are Paula Cole, Greg Cohen, Morcheeba, Devo, Black Cat Orchestra, C n' A, Joe Galdo, and Hahn Rowe.

The cover of the album, which was originally put out with rounded covers, consists of one of four action figures made of David Byrne. Each of the figures are represented in the booklet, and each one represents a particular emotion: happiness, anger, sadness, and boredom. Happiness got the cover. There is also a way to make the CD case and CD into a spin toy to determine your mood, but, as the liner notes warn, doing so could very well make the CD unplayable. Of the action figures made in his likeness:

It was really odd, as you might expect, to see my little self, to hold my little self (no Little Elvis jokes please!) and to see him packed away in his little bubble-wrap coffin.

As is common in this business called show, I’ve often felt like an object, like a product, like a piece of meat, like a walking cartoon. Here the transformation process is complete... my worries are over.

There was a CD of remixes of songs from this album put out that was very good: The Visible Man.

The tracks (all songs written by DB except where noted):

  1. Fuzzy Freaky - Byrne/Fossatti
  2. Miss America - Byrne/Galdo
  3. A Soft Seduction
  4. Dance on Vaseline
  5. The Gates of Paradise
  6. Amnesia
  7. You Don't Know Me
  8. Daddy Go Down
  9. Finite=Alright
  10. Wicked Little Doll
  11. Burnt By the Sun
  12. The Civil Wars
  13. unlisted song - no 13th track on booklet
  14. They Are in Love

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