Miss Nice is back in Mexico, and she got a job at UNAM. I am sure I will her sunny presence at work (in fact, I already miss her), yet I am happy for her - her involvement with the Gooosefood Project was pure disaster, and not through her fault; failure, in this case, was clearly a failure of leadership.
The connectivity catastrophe I wrote about recently has been fixed, through many hours of sleeplessness, anguish and trips to the roof. Now we rejoyce in a fancy new spread spectrum wireless bridge, complete with shiny new dish antennas. It only took two days, and the users were very understanding.

Spring has begun, which means that the weather is even nicer than usual. President Fox has done the right thing; due to his intervention the Zapatistas were allowed to speak in the Mexican Congress. The PAN was very very pissed off - class consciousness at its finest.
The Mexican high class could not stomach the indios in Parliament. Said indios even had the guts to show up in native dress and wearing a ski mask.
The indios spoke, clearly and loud. Subcomandante Marcos did not speak in Congress, a very wise choice IMHO.

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