A precursor to drinking, urban remembrance of the dearly departed.

The act of emptying an alcoholic beverage onto the ground as an act of urban sacrifice in honor and rememberance of a missed departed close friend, gang member, best friend, or loved one who cannot be with you today to share in your recreational activities. The alcoholic beverage represents one such activity, as your friend may have shared social drinker interests with others in your group. The intent is to remember and pay respect to the good times that you had shared with your departed friend, the parties that you shared, and the fun you had together. The shared belief that provokes individuals to do this in the first place is that partying, and the party lifestyle-- be viewed and thought of as a time in the departed friends life when they were happiest, in their prime, drinking, being social, and being surrounded amongst loyal friends.

While the drink is being emptied, a moment of silence is observed while paying respects.

If a whole container is not completely emptied, that's OK. Some people purchase separate beverages specifically for the purpose of dedication to lost friends on days of special meaning. The act of giving "one for the homeys" can be done as a group activity, with each individual spilling some of his or her own beverage to the ground. The amount cast down to the ground can signify how important or missed the person being remembered was to the individual making the sacrifice.

Take home thought: Giving "one for the homeys" could be interpreted as a passive acknowledgement of urban social darwinism.

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