I am very dissapointed to see that you have failed to mention some very important aspects of the wiping ritual! Namely:

  • Quantity:
    The quantity of TP or other wiping medium is a very delicate and personal choice. Too little and it's just not comfortable getting that close to your ass. Too much and you lose stealth and maneuverability! Your wipes are less efficient and you have less control since the feedback from your ass is considerably damped! Personally I use 2 squares of stock standard extra-soft 2-ply TP.
  • Folding:
    Folding may seem insignificant, but what is origami? Precisely that - Folding; and nothing else! Just like the quantity, the folding style is a personal choice and can either make or break a successful wipe! Personally I like to fold my 2 squares in half at the perforation, and then in half again. This produces a long, sleek, shape ready for 'application'! I have also heard that with those who like to use 5 or more squares, folding 'like a map' is a popular choice.
  • Checking:
    How do you know when you're done if you don't maintain a tab on your progress? After all, there are those magical moments when the wiping medium comes back so immaculately clean that you consider putting it back for later use! I typically extend the stroke of my wipe in an upward direction to sneak a peek and assess my progress.