An abbreviation for toilet paper. Don't confuse this with TCP/IP.

TP is also task point in some MUDs, referring to (usually) permanent score of TPs you can then use to buy some in-game benefits, like boons to various attributes. TPs are usually given as a reward for services a mortal has done to the mud, such as good ideas or bug tracking.

Sometimes, somewhere they also can be gained by "donating" money to MUD - read: paying, Real Life money, for task points. This practise, although handy for raising cash, is not without legal difficulties, and may easily lead to serious game balance problems.

It is also rumored that Task Points are given by high level immortals for some obscure RL favors, but these rumors remain unconfirmed.

OK, OK, so I've never really played any other MUD that batmud and zombiemud, please don't kill me- just post a correction writeup below about how I'm totally incorrect generalizing this

TP is a common Finnish slang acronym for "teinipillu", which means "teen pussy". (would you believe it, an acronym that works for both English and Finnish. ;-)

It is most commonly used for teenage girls who dress up in too tight clothes and wander around the city center and try to hit on men (older and same age).

I guess I don't have to mention that this is a rather degrading term.

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