The Theory of Constraints (TOC) as developed by dr. E.M. Goldratt, consists of three parts:

1) A set of problem-solving tools - called the TOC Thinking Processes (TP) - to logically and systematically answer the three questions essential to any process of on-going improvement: "What to change?", "To what to change to?" and "How to cause the change?";

2) A set of daily management tools - taken from the TOC Thinking Processes - that can be used to significantly improve vital management skills, such as communication, effecting change, team building and empowerment; and,

3) Innovative, proven solutions created by applying the TOC Thinking Processes to specific application areas, such as Production (as introduced in The Goal), Distribution (as discussed in Its Not Luck), Marketing and Sales (as discussed in Its Not Luck), Project Management, and Setting The Direction of The Company, to name only a few.

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