The last daylog I wrote (August 31, 2000 for those of you keeping track) was a short outpouring of loneliness. It was born of an intense frustration that was quickly forgotten. Nine9 and Luquid /msg'd me with sympathy for which I have not yet thanked them.

Thanks Nine9 and Luquid!

Now I write with an utterly silly grin plastered across my face. It won't go away - even when life requires solemnity from my countenance. No can do. The best I can manage is to press my lips firmly together and even then a kind of giddy grimace will steal across my features before I can act to keep control.

I met a boy. A very, very, very nice boy. A smart, handsome, sexy boy. I like this boy. He likes me too. That's about as far as we've gotten in the week we've known eachother.

I am happy.