Suddenly, the dream I'm having about wiring the Air Force Academy with cat 5 is met with the addition of the idiot college dropout DJ on the local pop radio station. His monotone voice seems distant, and he's just rattleing off a list of cities. Why? I slowly come out of my restful slumber. A glance at my window shows that there is a lot of snow on the ground! As I begin to get up and look at it, I realize what's going on on the radio: SCHOOL CLOSING ANNOUNCEMENTS! I turn the radio up and listen intently.

I'll repeat the list one more time. In Illinois: Alton, Astoria, Quincy Catholic schools, Quincy Christian, Quincy College- erm, I'm sorry, Quincy University.

Huh? Why are all the Quincy schools out except for us?

And Quincy Public schools.


The weather really isn't that bad. We've only got about 1½ inches, which is nothing for us hardy midwesterners. I've gone to school with b4 inches before. I think the superintendant must have been watching channel 10, where the idiot weatherman Cory McCloskey predicted that we'd get 8 inches combined with freezing rain and high winds. Oh well, I don't care. I'm posting this and then leaving, 'cause I've got to go break out my Flexible Flier.