One of those "feel good" phrases bandied about by various idiots. Of course, we all saw in Starship Troopers the deconstruction of the myth, but it is amazing how it persists. Violence solves a bunch of problems, of course. Not random acts of violence or senseless violence, but judicious use of violence and the threat of violence can have splendid benefits.

It was through the threat that my father, grandfather, and other people in the community in which I was reared deterred the KKK's advances on the neighborhood. It was with violence that my grandfather fought against Hitler and the Axis Powers. I think that by completely avoiding violence, we don't teach people how to properly use violence. Without guidance, and left to their own devices, kids will do all kinds of crazy stuff.

It may postpone the problem, or even eliminate the problem, but it NEVER solves the problem.

If the problem is how to get group A and group B to live together and share, when group A just kills all of group B, they haven't solved the problem, they've just eliminated it. Should more group B type people show up, the problem arises again.

It's comparable to trying to solve your math homework by burning the assignment and getting the teacher fired. You no longer have to do the howework, but you didn't solve it.

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