WGEM is a multi-media broadcasting system operated by the Quincy Broadcasting Company. WGEM is oriented with Northeast Missouri, Southeast Iowa, and West Central Illinois.


WGEM TV premiered on-air Septermber 4, 1953. It was the first television station serving the tri-state (IL, MO, IA) area and the first to broadcast in color. In September of 1986, it became the first to broadcast in stereo. It currently serves 25 counties in the tri-states as the NBC affiliate. (Channel 10 on basic service- channel 13 on cable)

WGEM AM Radio:

WGEM AM premiered on January 1, 1948. It broadcasts on 1440khz using 5000 watts during the daytime and 1000 watts during night. On September, 1982, WGEM AM became the first AM radio station in the U.S. to broadcast in stereo. WGEM AM is affiliated with: The ABC Information Radio Network, Illinois News Network, ESPN Radio Network, Missouri Network, Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bears, Chicago Blackhawks, and Chicago White Sox Radio Networks.

WGEM FM Radio:

WGEM FM premiered on August 1, 1947. It was the first FM radio station to serve the tri-states area. WGEM FM broadcasts on a frequency of 105.1mhz with 27.5KW of power. WGEM FM is affiliated with the ABC Entertainment Radio Network, Tribune Radio Ag-Voice Network, Illinois Farm Bureau Radio Network, Missouri Network, St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Network, and the St. Louis Rams Football Network.

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