My hometown. County seat of Adams County, Illinois.
Population: about 50,000
Current Mayor: Charles M. Shultz (really)
Home of:
-The Quincy Senior High Blue Devils and the Q Notre Dame Raiders.
-Quincy University
-The guy who dropped a nuke on Hiroshima
-Sprouts, the restaurant that invented Latice Fries. (aka waffle fries in some parts of the world)
-Someone from Big Brother, I don't know who
-The guy who plays Martin Crane on Frasier
-No less than three Sonics

I've drawn a small diagram to help in the location of Quincy. If you've ever seen Illinois before, then this should look vaugly familiar.

MO       \

the following story is in fact true:

A true story (that anotherone can substantiate)

During the great Midwestern flood of '93 a deranged alcoholic blew up a levee in Quincy to prevent his wife from getting home from Missouri and also created an excuse for himself from going to work.

Resulted in the flooding of some five hundred acres of farm landland on the Illinois side of the Mississippi river.
Was later convicted of some bizzare federal crime as a result of that a few years later.

Another answer to the question:

Who would do such a thing?

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