"Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads."
Henry David Thoreau

"Individuals in search of the truth can benefit most, not by grasping, or striving, but by means of a patient, accepting focus on natural patterns and influences that are worthy of being emulated."
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Taoism

Flowing, abundant and wise in all matters of the heart, the Empress is a card of good fortune in every tarot deck. As the mother of all mothers, she supports and leads her children, harvesting the riches she has within and giving freely to the next generation that is being born.

The Empress is the active presence of the High Priestess. Together they personify the female principles of fertility, growth and birth. While the high priestess holds the mysteries of the universe, the Empress brings those things forth into the world in abundance. She is the earth mother, full of the energy of all life.

Never just a "physical symbol", the empress is a patron of creative, intellectual and artistic pursuits. She nourishes culture in all forms.

As the planet Venus is her star all of her gifts are given with love, and should be received with an open heart. Fully grounded, she shares without placing limit or expectation on her gifts. A state of harmony is required in order to nurture others. Her concrete generative powers embrace the world, in both body and spirit.

Often depicted in a circle of animals or birds, the Empress can be surrounded by air and water signs. Her nature combines all elements to create and cultivate life. A vast sea in this card can represent the wealth of riches she provides, either from the depths of her heart or her physical self, the earth.

When this card appears in a reading it is exceptionally benign. In the self position she can refer to a person of great compassion who supports and nurtures others. The Empress suggests a beneficial influence within the questioner's life, perhaps a person of great resources who is willing to give with a free heart. If the card refers to a person, they are always full of dignity and determination.

Expect a time of inspired productivity, and joyful deliverance. An opportunity exists to be released from tension and insecurity. If this card is reversed it can still be positive. Is there such a thing as too much goodness? An abundance of gifts can be overwhelming and prompt confusion and chaos.

It may suggest that the questioner does not know how to respond to an offer made out of love, or that they are overlooking a wonderful opportunity waiting in their lives. This is a card of nature, and as such natural law applies. There may be an event which does not take our plans into account, but which will have fantastic results eventually.

When the Empress is present in a reading the world is showing its love. Return the favour, be a gift for others. This is a completion of beginnings, the seed planted will flower and a time of harvest is coming.