The Beginner's Overview of The Tarot:

I. Introduction to the Tarot
II. The Major Arcana
III. The Minor Arcana
IV. How to Read Tarot Cards
V. Bonding with the Cards
VI. Tarot Spreads
VII. Tarot Reference Works


II. The Major Arcana:


The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards numbered from 0 to 21 with the numbers written on the cards in Roman numerals. The cards have images on them illustrating the human trait or character they stand for, with visual symbols littered throughout the artwork.

Each of the cards stands for a piece of human emotion and personality. The Major Arcana is meant to surface your deepest fears, hopes, and dreams. They go in a path of growing and learning which starts at the O:The Fool and ends with XXI:The World.

Listed below are the cards of the Major Arcana and a very general, broad, brief explanation of the basest example of what the cards could mean, both in the upright and reversed positions.

Please note that decks may vary and that these cards/meanings may not apply to all decks/readings/situations.

0:The Fool:
Upright: Take things as they are. Matters are going as planned. Do your part to settle outstanding disagreements.
Kill others with kindness and let them suffer the consequences of their actions. This is a good time for investments and changes in the phsyical home.
Reversed: Schedules are full, time is at a premium. Take time to enjoy life's pleasures. Postpone business decisions
temporarily. Use discretion and patience.

I:The Magician:
Upright: Now is the time to stretch yourself and test your limits. Be adventurous, daring, and competitive-within
limits. Sucess and recognition will follow. It is an excellent time to begin new projects.
Reversed: Pay close attention to rules and think twice before acting. Don't close yourself off from the help and guidance
of others. Beware of arrogance. Make friends, not enemies.

II:The Priestess:
Upright: Trust your intuition more than your reason; act more on feelings and emotion than on facts. Take your time
to think about your options. Tackle difficulties with enthusiasm-these are oppertunities to learn. To be a winner now, don't withdraw.
Reversed: You're expecting things to come to you too easily. Be careful not to give up right awat when they don't. You're
feeling a desire to escape and to withdraw into yourself. Shrug off your current lack of focus and work diligently to achieve
your desired goals.

III:The Empress:
Upright: Express your ideas and take calculated risks. Getting what you want is your own responsibility. Your passions
are of primary importance to you now. News of a wedding, pregnancy, or children arrives.
Reversed: Stop exaggerating your fears and don't be reluctant to take action. Problems with your mother and/or other
intimate women are imminent.

IV:The Emperor:
Upright: Play by the rules and don't take shortcuts. Use common sense when managing your resources. Now is the
time to get organized and make plans. Careful use of logic and reason will deliver sucess.
Reversed: Despite your obvious talents, success comes slowly at this time. Respect the past and learn from it.
Frusterations, obsticals, delays, or setbacks will test your perseverance. Don't react too hastily; make sure
that all your decisions are unemotional. Balance work with play.

V:The Hierophant:
Upright: Follow the path that is familiar. Now is a good time to show how conventional you can be. Your public image
and status with friends or in the community are of great concern to you now. Don't sacrifice your beliefs or your freedoms
for status. Keep alert to the outside world.
Reversed: Make things happen by taking care of details Don't become too ridgidly attached to order and routine-the
ritual shouldn't mean more to you than the result. Personal growth comes through modestly and compassion.

VI:The Lovers:
Upright: Lovers and close friends tahe center stage. Take the time to tell those closest to you what they mean to you.
Examine all of your relationships that are going nowhere-eliminate the unwanted and the unnecessary.
Reversed: Exaggeration abounds, emotions run high-especially jealousy. Beware of self-indulgence and greed.
Slow down. Don't let anyone rush you or push you into things.

VII:The Chariot:
Upright: Victories are on your horizon. Reject negative people but don't judge them harshly. Appeal to others'
sense of fair play. This is a very good time for travel, taking a break, and getting away.
Reversed: People are more defensive now. Don't give in to intimidation or pressure. No one wants to waist time.
Expect last minute cancellations of plans.

Upright: What goes around comes around. Seek legal counsel, ask advice from elders. You may be embroiled
in negotiations or tedious bureaucratic systems. Do healthy things-spiritually and physically.
Reversed: Tell the truth or get ready to suffer the consequences. Your friends are wishy-washy now. Do your part
to say what's real, what's right, and what you feel. Let the past go and resolve to turn over a new leaf.

IX:The Hermit:
Upright: Break and unneccessary habit. Take steps to eliminate unhealthy ruts and routines. Have some of your
"friends" been driving you crazy? Now is a good time to get them and the problems out of your life. Don't let
yourself get stuck in the expectations of others.
Reversed: Spend some time with someone you love; take care of unfinished business. Don't let your responsibilities
weigh you down and stay away from anything that goes against your grain.

X:Wheel of Fortune:
Upright: You made your own bed, now must lay in it. Own up to your actions and responsibilities-or suffer the
consequences. Be true to yourself. Try something new.
Reversed: Luck isn't on your side just now. Don't get embroiled in anything you'll regret-stay constructivly selfish.
This is not a good time to be along, though. Ask questions, seek answers, try options.

Upright: Love conquers all. Avoid pettiness and prejudice. Try to be a peace maker. Weigh all sides of every situation. Don't be so set in your ways that you miss the big picture by focusing on details. Stubbornness in your challenge of the moment.
Reversed: Everyone expects the best from you and vice-versa. Arguments with your lover or close associates are likely now. Don't give in to intimidation or pressure, and never go to bed angry. Are you seeing things realistically? Wait one more day to take action.

XII:The Hanged Man:
Rise above material concerns and the way things have always been. Try another avenue. Relax and rethink. Keep everything aboveboard. Allow others to change their minds and look at new options. Contemplate, don't agitate.
Reversed: Stop being so close-minded. There are plenty of alternatives and solutions to your problems. Try something new. This is no time to be lazy or melancholy.

Upright: You are entering a new growing phase. Acknowledgment comes slowly. No one will offer a helping hand unless you beg for it. Don't take "no" as a final answer. Avoid self-pity. Get rid of some old habits. Stop doing anything that doesn't feel right for you.
Reversed: This card suggests that you are egocentric. Be prepared to lend a shoulder and a handkerchief. Ask for a favor-and offer one, too. Setbacks and delays are likely. This is a great time for healthy escapism. Honesty brings rewards.

Upright: Compromise brings happiness. Perhaps you're not viewing matters objectively? Try to see the other side of the story. Use common sense and good management. The people around you are more set in their ways now. Postpone arguements and debates until they can open their minds.
Reversed: Those around you are playing to win. Don't be foolish or self-centered. But don't believe all you hear, either. There's a lot of posturing in the air. Accept favors and be kind, but always listen to your higher self.

XV:The Devil:
Upright: Matter overpowers the mind. Desires rule. Beware of your dark side. The pursuit of materialistic or sensual pleasures may taint your ability to think clearly. Cleanse yourself of behaviors and habits that are doing you no good.
Reversed: Things are unclear for you now. Don't let yourself be intimidated and don't judge others too harshly. Others seem set in their ways. Are you? Don't let past issues delay todays progress.

XVI:The Tower:
Upright: Everyone wants to be admired. Others embellish the truth, but what's necessary and real will prevail. Illusions will be shattered, enemies revealed. Don't be upset if things don't turn out as planned. Try to compromise and see each others' points of view.
Reversed: Delays are inevitable. A fall from glory is likely. Be prepared to change course midstream. Cooperation is minimal; pushiness is plentiful. Meet opposition with compassion and sympathy.

XVII:The Star:
Upright: This is the card of optimism and hope. You have a chance to start over in long-standing situations. Beware of pride; aim for cooperation and innovation.
Reversed: Remain humble. You'll need imagination to come up with options for action now. Examine issues and evaluate issues carefully.

XVIII:The Moon:
Upright: People are acting clannish and very emotional. Don't join the crowd. Read between the lines. Your intuition is very strong right now, but you are still likely to be decieved. This is not the time to start anything new. Have patience.
Reversed: Everyone wants things to be done his or her way, so go easy on yourself. Take a mental-health day to get away from your responsibilities. When you come back, roll with the punches. Don't be too trusting or willing to go the extra mile-unless you can afford it.

XIX:The Sun:
Upright: Any personal growth you achieve now will be linked to self-epression. Say what you feel when you feel it. Accept criticism and admit mistakes. Enthusiasm and self-assurance bring results. A promotion is on the horizon.
Reversed: Relationship hassles are likely. Don't get wrapped up in yourself so tightly that you ignore your partner's or others' needs. Stop being overly dramatic. Set goals realistically and try to do what's good for all parties involved.

Upright: A job well done delivers many rewards; laziness is punished. Make peace-don't nit-pick yourself or others too harshly. Patience brings sucess. Don't be cruel. Health improves, but it may take some effort on your part.
Reversed: Your desire to escape is strong. Keep your ears open and your mouth closed. Listen. Read all the fine print. Self-esteem is low and needs a boost. Act now without fear-kick it all up a notch.

XXI:The World:
Upright: Look at both sides of every situation and surround yourself with those who truly love you. Refuse to get shaken when others try to undermine your confidence in your strength and your abilities. Rewards and paybacks are just around the corner. Don't give anything up for anyone.
Reversed: Don't be too trusting. Put your faith in yourself. Pamper yourself and the object of your affection. Seek intimacy and personal happiness in all you do. Resolutions come slowly but will be worth while when they arrive.

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