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Also known as The Magus.

Aleister Crowley's description:

My thoughts:

    I and many of my friends identfy strongly with this card. If there is anything that sums up my strengths and weaknesses better, I haven't found it. The fact that he is known as the juggler in some decks reinforces this idea -- I make a living as a juggler.

Your description/experiences/thoughts:

The First Card of the Major Arcana of the Tarot

The Magician is the card of Active Personal Power, of the Male Energy in action. The card in a reading frequently represents the person being read. The Magician if the foil to The High Priestess's Passive Female Energy -- The Magician is not a man who wants to wait and see.

There he stands at his altar, anthame in hand, pentagram under him, the infinity symbol above him. The most powerful card in the deck, he is virtually untouchable in his consciousness of the Otherworld, except by the High Priestess. The infinity would normally indicate an association with virgo, but it is more likely gemini because of his amazingly quick wit, but either way, he is still ruled by Mercury. He is not a keeper of the Secrets, he is a speaker of the Truths. His quidance is infallible, his knowledge limitless. He is a man on top of the world, nature, mankind, and the etherreal waiting at his beck and call.

"Whatever you do or dream you can do -- begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it."

The goal of the magician is to create. His power is perfectly balanced between action and inaction, nature and science, thought and intuition. He represents an individual who masters his desires and as a result is able to turn his fantasies into physical reality.

Engineer of both spiritual and tangible worlds the magi is an energetic, potent force capable of moving mountains. "From a little spark may burst a mighty flame" said Dante.

Where the fool leaps into deep waters, the magician is the propelling force. In such a way we rise from the potential and innocence of the fool, into the creation and active knowing of the magician.

Traditionally, the magician/seer is an individual respected within their community for their knowledge and experience. Self-awareness guides such individuals to employ occult wisdom, practical knowledge of the earth and human nature in his creation and manifestation. He is a teacher, a healer, a priest and a scientist, a perpetual student who defies the impossible on a regular basis.

In most tarot decks a symbol of infinity appears over the magician's head, showing the flow of energy and cycle of destruction and rebirth.

When this card appears in a reading, it can represent someone of great knowledge who appears to alter the natural course of events.

In the position of "the self" consider that the questioner may be manifesting change and creation.

Reversed, this card can denote an abuse of power- an individual who uses their position and knowledge for their own gain to the detriment of others.

The magician accepts all things as being a part of himself- centered in the universe he sees that we are physical and spiritual creatures, and can not exist with only one aspect of our natures fulfilled.

In order to create anything, whether it is to cast a spell, paint a masterpiece or build a life for ourselves, we need to know what we want to change, and have a clear vision to follow.

One day Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a Cheshire cat in a tree. "Which road do I take?" she asked.
His response was a question: "Where do you want to go?"
"I don't know," Alice answered.
"Then," said the cat, "it doesn't matter."


A television series aired by NBC from 1973 to 1974 starring Bill Bixby.

Search the room of most geeky boys at around 10 and it seems highly likely amongst all of the toys and such you are going to find at least one deck of marked cards, silk handkerchief that changes color, or box that will make a coin appear and disappear. Magic seems to be a stage that most kids go through, sort of like dinosaurs and knock knock jokes, and though most do not continue to pursue it through their lives, a few do. I was lucky enough to reach my interest in magic stage about the same time that The Magician began airing on NBC.

The Magician told the tale of Anthony "Tony" Blake, a stage magician who inexplicably seemed to get caught up in adventures and solve mysteries. It was the 70's so everyone was solving mysteries: fat men solved mysteries, slovenly men solved mysteries, coyboys solved mysteries, etc. The magic part of the show had the star Bill Bixby actually doing stage magic, like levitating women, or shoving a sword through a box, or sawing people in half. No trick photography was used and it was over all pretty neat. Despite the title, no magic was used in the solving of the cases, but it made for a nice change of pace.

A typical episode would involve Blake (whose name was changed inexplicably from Anthony Dorian in the pilot episode to Blake in the series) going to a town for a show, getting involved in a mystery, doing a couple of tricks at a magic club (which there seemed to be hundreds of in the world of the Magician), and Blake solving the case. He travelled around in a jet which was his home and housed his Corvette, giving the misleading idea that huge sums of money can be had if you get into the magic trade. Later in the series, Blake became a resident of the Magic Castle, a nightclub/magic club, that seemingly had all kinds of cool secret passages and tricks scattered about the place. This enlivened the imaginations of young magic enthusiast everywhere, and made the personal injury lawyers fantasize about the money to be made.

Angeles Arrien describes the Magician as "The One who communicates" - people born under this card seem to communicate fluently without any problems - this regards all forms of communication, like media, non-verbal communication and almost anything that is related to information. Thus, these people excel as great speakers, media workers, artists etc.

According to my experience, I would refer to people born under Magician more as to "The Ones who play" - as it is depicted on the actual card - the magician seems to joyfully enjoy manipulating things to his own intentions, as he was playing some sort of a game. This, applied to communication, simply means that those people talk a lot and lie a lot - they try to manipulate reality with their skill of communication. These manipulations and lies are not neccesarily malicious, but these people seem to enjoy the confusion they create.

He sits alone in a small, cluttered room. He reaches underneath the table cluttered with full ashtrays, empty notebooks, and a cup full of pens and pencils,

He's lost for a moment, the walls are mud bricked and the floor is dirt. Small torches blaze on the walls threatening to set the thatched roof alight. Pictures float in front of him, a gift from a magician he couldn't remember befriending. He used to marvel at them. No less impressive now, but primarily so in their uselessness to him.

and grabs a small leather pouch the size of a box of pencils. From it he produces the papers and spills shredded green onto a notebook,

It's spring and the bright green leaves are falling, blown across an unknown distance from a forest he cannot see, onto the bare brown dirt that surrounds him. None of this strikes him in the least bit odd. He considers piling up the leaves into an empty plastic bag for use as a pillow.

and rolls it tightly. He puts the papers back in the pouch, retrieves a matchbook from his pocket, strikes it,

There was a time when fire could be conjured out of air and thought, the hot fires of minds that slowly burned dreams and hope and despair. It was a time when the animals spoke and the spirits guided and there may have been microwaves, too. He couldn't remember the rest.

lights, and smokes quietly, looking about with a dull blank stare, eyes wandering and lighting on random pieces of the detritus

Model replica pagodas, potions, lucifer lanterns, various magickal apparatae, a dish filled with burned tindersticks, a large spotted creature with a ridiculously large neck but otherwise shaped vaguely like a horse.

surrounding him.

He dared not blink, only staring silently at wisps of smoke.

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