Adam was already man and woman, but had no heartbeat to anchor him in time, and no breathing to wed him into space. He existed in the Garden, and his wishes sufficed him. He knew the daimons of animal, plant and stone, and they knew him, but neither they nor Adam knew that once he set foot in the World Mohal, the world of Earth, they would serve him, and he would be their master.

One day the serpent discovered that Adam would be the ruler of all the other daimons, and, wishing to thwart Adam – for the serpent held spite in its being against the man and the woman – it went to each of the daimon princes and sewed in them discord against the humans.

The serpent made argument that, once on earth, things would not be so easy for Adam – he could no longer simply wish for what he wanted, and instantly have what he wished for – but rather, he would have to put forth real effort to achieve what he wanted.

And if this were indeed the case, argued the serpent, that Adam was little more than a spoiled child in this world – how could he possibly be trusted to be a responsible ruler down there, in the physical world, where the law is not wish, but work?

The daimons took the serpent’s argument, and they held counsel together. Then, as one, they came to the man and the woman and demanded that they – the humans – prove their worthiness to rule.

“Rule?” asked the man and the woman. “What is this you speak of, about ruling/”

The daimons, as one, pointed to earth, and said “Is that not your home-to-be?”

“So we have heard,” answered Adam.

“And is that place not so wide as this place?”

“Oh yes,” agreed Adam, “it is much smaller.”

“And is it not also far away from your real home, this place where you live now?”

“It is not far from here to there, but it does seem far from there to here.”

“And is it not true that you are unacquainted with its laws, the laws of that place, that small world?”

“All that you say is true,” spoke Adam. “That place is small, and it is far removed from here, and it is alien, but we fail to see how this matters.”

“That is precicely our point,” spoke the daimons, as one. “It matters down there. Down there, it is not so light and free as here. Look at it – you will see that we have been living there for many an age already, so you must trust us when we say that it is anything but easy to live in that world! So then, how can we trust you, under hardship, not to mistreat us during your lives there?”

“I suppose you will have to trust us,” responded the man and the woman.

“How can we trust you,” raged the daimons, “when you haven’t worked a day in your lives? This is unacceptable! We will not have you for our master.”

And the daimons, furious, stormed away from the man and the woman, who, puzzled by this exchange, asked an angel to explain it to them.

“It is said among the host,” related the angel to Adam, “that on Earth you will be subject to imperfection and mistake.”

On hearing this, the man and the woman were overcome with horror, and straight away they hid themselves in hell, far from their awareness of the Immaculate Presence.

“My creation,” called the Inscrutable Presence to them. “Why is it that you bring yourselves away from Us?”

“We are terrified of You, O Lord!” cried Adam. “We are terrified of what you have planned for us!”

“And what is this, that you say We have planned for you, which is so terrifying?”

“O Lord,” they cried in answer. “This talk of mistake and imperfection – there is nothing more horrific to our ears!”

“In truth,” spoke the Immaculate Presence to the man and the woman, “What you should fear is no Us, but your own actions. For We will forgive you any mistake you commit, and We will cleanse you of any imperfection that you suffer, as long as you allow Us to do so.”

“But—but,” stuttered Adam, calmed only slightly. “But what of all this talk of work and rule that we have heard?”

“As for that,” spoke the Presence of the Most High, “you have no need to worry. We have made for you some helpers, to ease your burden. Many helpers We have created for you, but when the time is right, you will come to learn of them.”

“Many helpers, and imperfection, and all those daimons to command – this is so complex! How shall we ever fulfill our duty in that place?” cried Adam, inconsolable.

The Presence of the Lord then bade the man and the woman to return to their heaven, that they might be shown a sign. And when Adam returned to the wide place, the Lord directed his gaze down to earth, around which revolved a white sphere they had not noticed before.

“See,” spoke the Inscrutable Presence, “We have made for you a sign. A sign with meaning and with function – for nothing which We make is shallow or incomplete. The function of this sign will be to regulate, measure, and balance the periods within your lives on that earth. And the meaning of this sign will serve to remind you that all things there are temporary, and yet still have their right place.

"Now, We bid you resume with your happiness and your relations with one another. Do not worry, and do not doubt Us, for assuredly nothing good will come of that.”

And Adam, gazing at the white sphere as it revolved about his home-to-be, allowed himself to commune again with his awareness of the Beneficent Presence, All Merciful.

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